Committed to Vitality.    Dedicated to you.

Hi, I'm Abi Marsh, Energy and Vitality Expert, author of The Zest Formula and Founder of Zest for Success; I'm a successful coach, NLP practitioner and personal trainer; a world traveler; and an authority in personal development, fitness, emotional intelligence and communication. After  a life crisis which led to exhaustion, depression and social isolation, I devoted myself to learning all I could about mental, emotional and physical wellness. I created a thriving, vibrant life for myself and now I coach and mentor other women to do the same by combining my knowledge and skills, empathy, warmth and sense of humour with my ability to see their true potential and transform their energy so they can achieve their business, career and personal goals.

 I will help you to move your life forwards in leaps and bounds with more energy and fun, empowering you to thrive in all areas of your life.

I believe in the strength of kindness, compassion, beauty, grace and love.

I value integrity, honesty, authenticity, truth and courtesy.


And by working with me you'll become more confident, fulfilled and sexy, glowing with health and vitality, and create a life of success, love, happiness and indestructible self-belief.