Shhh..... Do You Want to Hear A Secret?

I'm Abi Marsh. Since 2009 I've been helping my clients rejuvenate their energy and I've realised that a lot of what we're led to believe about health and wellness is just not true. The naked truth is that even though you're no longer in your 30s you CAN feel energised and vibrant and live  an active, fit and strong life every day.


And the heavenly reality is that restoring your vitality can be easy, entertaining and enjoyable - no calorie-counting, guilt or punishments here! Just an easy step-by-step blueprint to boost your physical, emotional, social and spiritual energy, zap your stress and restore your zest so you can enjoy an elegant, vibrant life full of abundance and create a balanced life you truly love. This beautiful program will help you to:

sashay through life with grace and zest

stride through life with purpose and energy

and glide through life with ease and vitality

My philosophy is about nurturing your body, mind and spirit with delicious, food, self-care, fun and sleep so you become the healthiest, sexiest, happiest woman you can possibly be.

You'll become more motivated, productive and successful in every area of your life.

And when you create the ideal conditions for positive energy to multiply, you'll transform not only your life but the lives of those around you too. 




Self-care and Beauty

Energy isn't only physical.

For true zest and vibrancy, you also need the right mindset and a purposeful life.

Great relationships

High self-esteem

Unwavering confidence

Fun and connection

Food is delicious and healthy




Satisfying and nurturing

Cooking becomes fun and eating becomes guilt-free

Love your food, love your body.

Exercise becomes fun when you discover your exercise personality! Are you a:


Child at heart


Lone Wolf


Focus on happiness and joy





Being yourself and appreciating the beauty of the world energises you like nothing else.

“Abi has helped me many times and in many situations. She is a great listener and an expert in all areas of wellness and she has helped me really take charge of my physical and emotional health. In my most stressful situations she has listened without judgement, helping me to stay calm and in control. Her words will stay with me for many years. I feel extremely grateful and lucky to have met her, and highly recommend her as a coach.” 

“I very much enjoyed my time with Abi, talking about all aspects of my health and fitness. She helped me realise the importance to take time for myself and make my health a priority, and worked with me to create some practical strategies. As a result, I feel more grounded and have more energy to do the things I want to do. She is knowledgeable about health and wellness, and very easy to talk to.

Abi has been of great help and guidance during a transitional period in my life. Her energy and enthusiasm are only matched by her level of coaching professionalism and care. During busy times it’s important to take a step back and look objectively at one’s wellbeing. Abi is able to provide that moment of reflection and help her clients to re-energise, reassess their priorities and move towards their goals.

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